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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Root Micromax A57 Ninja 3

Hi guys this time i am here with the new trick to Root Micromax A57 Ninja 3.


1.) First thing you need to download is Unlock Root download it from here.
2.) SecOnd Thing You need to download .android Now download .android from here.

Steps to Root Micromax A57 Ninja 3

1.) Extract the .android just downloaded to C:\users\<Your current user name>. For me my location is
     C:\users\Mahir.Just find out your exact location and extract .android folder there.

2.) If you are a XP user then extract this .android in C:\Documents and settings\<Your Computer name>
3.) Now connect your phone to your PC and make sure that USB debugging is ON.
4.) If USB debugging is OFF, Go to Settings>Applications>>Development>USB Debugging and enable it.
5.) Now go to the folder C:\Users\<Your current user name>\.android.
6.) For XP users go to C:\Documents and settings\<Your Computer name>\.android.
7.) Now just hold shift key and then right click on any blank space. You will see something like below image.

8.) Now just click on Open command window here. A command prompt window will open.
9.) If you are a XP user then by holding shift key this option will not come so do one thing. Just open  CMD
      as administrator and then type below command. cd C:\Documents and settings\<Your Computer
10.) Now in the command prompt write “adb devices” (Without “”).


11.) It will show Micromax A56. Don’ worry both are same. And if it shows Micromax A57 then its
12.) Now open Unlock Root and click on the big green button “Root”.
13.) If it will say “Your Phone is already rooted. Root again?” Then don’t hesitate and click yes.
14.)Then it will show If you want then you can also install battery application or else click No.
15.) Wait for your mobile to reboot and After Reboot Your Micromax A57 is Rooted

                          Congratulation! your Micromax A57 Ninja 3 is now rooted.

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  1. without root ur mmx a57 is a piece of shxt because of low ram and full of bloatwares. after rooting u will get min 108mb ram and free from mmx apps. for rooting mmx a57 u have to follow some procedures. I found very easy and sure shot process to root mmx a57 at with all essential driver and software.