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How To Play Incomplete Videos Of IDM Download Manager WIth Fulll Video Tutorial


How To Play Incomplete Videos Of   ( IDM Download Manager )

Here Are Some Simple Steps :
Step 1:  Open My Computer  
Step 2:  Click On  System Disk C:

 Step 3:  Click On Users
Step 4:  Click On  Your User Account
               Mine Is ( Insane )

Step 5: Open Hidden Files
          Goto => Tools => Folder Options => View => Click On
                                                      ( Show Hidden Files )
                                 So  YoUr Hidden Files Are On

Step 6: Click On  "AppData"


 Step 7:  Click On "Roaming"

Step 8:  Clcik On "IDM" Folder

Step 9:  Click On "DownlData"  Folder

Step 10:  Click On "r9---sn-h557sne6_c_youtube_com_20"  Folder
                 In This Folder  There are Your Incompleted videos

Step 11:  Here Are Your Incomplete Videos
                        Enjoys  GUyss

Here Is The Video Click Here

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