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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Increase Traffic And Enhance Reputation Via SezWho?

I have been informed that BlogCatalog, a social network for bloggers which claims a membership of over 100,000 bloggers together with SezWho will be providing a system for comment tracking and ranking platform for bloggers. This sounds like good news for me who post comments extensively and most are what I believe to be good, helpful comments based on comments left by grateful bloggers. It will be launched on 31st January 2007 and I will probably be signing up.

BlogCatalog said they will create a network with a searchable directory to connect bloggers with a wider audience and provides a support group for discussion and collective action. It appear to me that this searchable directory may help bring more traffic to my blogs, and to yours too if you decide to sign up like what I intend to do. By doing so, I (and you) will be able to create a personal profile for the network thus creating more exposure for me and other bloggers who sign up for SezWho. If you like avatars, you can create an avatar for the profile. Your profile will get a listing in the blog directory, one more way to get inbound links for your blogs plus greater search engine visibility plus improved PageRank and even possibly direct hits from the directory itself. I am a retired scientist, and perhaps I will chose Albert Einstein, the genius who somehow created hypothesis and theories that are just out of the world and practically incomprehensible for the vast majority of the inhabitants of this physical world, as my avata. See an example of such a profile below:

                          Screenshot titled "BlogCatalog SezWho Popup" belongs to FutureWorks PR

It seems you can even download a plug-in for their blog, but until SezWho had been officially launched, I do not know how it works or how useful it may be.

If I do sign up for SezWho Comment Ranking Platform, I hope bloggers who come across comments which they find helpful will rate the comment favorably and thus increase my rating. I was told there will also be comment filtering plus you can view a contributor's commentary across the web. Well, looks like now you can keep track of what I do on the web which can be considered an invasion of privacy but which I welcome as I don't really have much to hide. This may be what you may see in the comment system:


Screenshot of BlogCatalog SezWho Integration by FutureWorks PR

For bloggers who have been providing good and useful content, here is your chance to enhance your reputation in the Blogosphere.

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