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Friday, 4 October 2013

HACK IN TO S40V3, V5,V6 Security Code When Locked

Its very annoying when ever you try to
enter anybody's mobile and
When he put's
security code to avoid you from enter his
phone .
Here we Just press the unlock key
and you will see:SECURITY CODE: then
press your red button
First dial 911 and the
phone will write :ATTEMPTING
EMERGENCY CALL: wait for3-4 sec and end
the call by pressing END CALL button[not RED button] and immediately click on MENU button.
Now the menu will open but the phone will lock
again but just keep AILING 911 AND
ENDING: until you go to settings then
navigate with your direction then open
phone setting. just go to auto keyguard and
select :ON:
Now dont set any time, Just come back from the option and it will automatically get unlocked.....
* If the auto keyguard is ON, Click on OFF and again select ON and come back without setting any time....
Tested on
some phones only Nokia 3110c,Nokia
2700,Nokia 5130 xpress music...etc
TRY it 

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