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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How to Convert Non-Touch Screen to Touch Screen

How to Convert Non-Touch Screen to Touch Screen

E-Touch Pen: Convert your Old Monitors into Touch screen

Have you Ever thought of having the technology to Convert your Non Touch Monitor to Touch Screen and experience cooler and fast user interface ?

The answer to your question is right here.

After reading this you are thinking I'm kidding. Believe me now technology moves on.

Now it is possible. After release of windows 8. Non touch screen user cannot experience of Apps of windows 8. Some days ago Jeswill HiTech Solutions Pvt.Ltd has introduced a Hardware kit to convert non-touch screen into touch. The device is called E-touch pen.They says by using this kit you can experience the joy of windows 8.

e-Touch Pen :

The "e-Touch Pen" is based on ultrasound Infrared technology. The components include a cordless electronic pen, detachable base unit with a USB cable connection to PC.

Through the introduction of this pen, you will now be able to utilize and make the best use of Windows 8 OS. The e-Touch Pen is capable of converting the non-touch based laptop into a touch screen device. Take a look at the post to grasp the strategy behind this E-Touch Pen.

How to Convert Non-Touch Screen to Touch Screen

Specifications of e-Touch Pen 
  •  Utilizes ultrasonic and infrared technology
  •  Can cover upto 17 inch screen size (Maximum)
  •  Requires Windows OS platform
  •  Powered by 2 SR41 batteries 
  •  Capable of continuous writing for 500 hours
  •  Follows FCC/CE standards
  •  100 DPI resolution
  •  0.2 mm accuracy
  • Communicates via USB 2.0, USB cable
Take a Look at the Video to Know more more about e-Touch Pen e-Touch Pen Video

The Company price for the e-Touch pen is RS.4999 . you can buy it online from
Note: To learn more about the product in the company official website -

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