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Saturday, 23 November 2013

How to Reset Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer ,Mozilla Firefox To Their Default Setting's

Every one in the world use browser's to surf internet , some times we are required to do changes in the browser setting's according to our needs as in one of the post on our blog we shown you How to Increase Mozilla Firefox Browsing and Startup Speed in that post we have done some changes to browser's setting's but what will happened if  we do some changes and that went wrong in that position we will think to re-install our browser , if we do re-install we will lost all our saved data like bookmarks , saved passwords any more things.So in that case there should be a way to reset our browser to its original setting's without affecting the browsers data.So in this post we will see how to reset all the four major browsers.

How To Reset Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browser of all over the world ,  it provide many great addons which can used to enhanced the capability of the Mozilla Firefox.It is the most customisable browser , but some time customisation can went wrong , so in that case we need to reset it .Let see how to do that. 1.) First click on orange button on the top left most then click to help then finally click on reset with Add-Ons disabled (See the below image).
It will ask you that you are sure that you wan to restart disable all Add-Ons and restart click Restart . 2.)Now firefox will restart ,and two option will pop up to either start mozilla firefox in safe mode or reset firefox , so choose reset firefox .
That how you can reset Mozilla firefox setting's now let see how to reset opera setting's.

How To Reset Opera

Opera is also use by many users , opera doesn't provide functionality to reset it through GUI so we need to delete its preference files . Lets see how to reset it by deleting it preference file. 1.)Open opera and in address bar type opera:about  and then hit enter ,see below image
2.)Now in the opened window copy the preference path till 2nd opera ,see below image.
3.)Now paste that in run window(Winkey+R)  to open that opera directory,see below image.
4.)In that directory now find operaprefs file and delete that and then restart your opera ,see below image.
That it now your opera setting's are again set to default , now let see how to reset setting's in google chrome.

How To Reset Google Chrome

Google Chrome have many best extension similar to Mozilla firefox which increase the capability of google chrome but recently Google Chrome updated to its newer version which included many new inbuilt functionality like open recent closed tabs as we seen in Mozilla firefox and more feature is to reset google chrome settings to its default ,lets see how to do this in google chrome 1.) Go to Google chrome setting's page and on that page click on show more setting's , see below image.
2.)Now scroll down to the end of the page and you will see the option to reset browser setting's ,click on that button ,see below image.
That it now your google chrome is reset to default settings of chrome, now lets see how to reset internet explorer.

How To Reset Internet Explorer

Internet explorer comes pre installed with windows many user use it as there default browser , but some time some changes to settings make it unreliable for user so in that case we should at least once try to reset internet explorer before choosing other browser over it.So lets see how to reset internet explorer. 1.)Click on Tools and then click on Internet options to open settings page in internet explorer see below image.
2.)Now click on Advanced Tab in opened box and then below you will see a option to Reset internet explorer for more detail please look at the below image.

That's all about on reset browser setting's if you have any query please do comment and don't forget to subscribe and follow blog.


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