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Friday, 28 March 2014

How to Create Prov File for Nokia S40 Phones

What is prov ?
A prov file is a provisional file that works with Nokia S40 phones so that the java applications
installed on such phones can get connected to the internet. Just the same as the one your service
provider usually send to you.  However the s40 java phones of recent times like the C3, X2 e.t.c
doesn’t require a prov file to get connected to the internet. And this is where the issue of prov
file with free browsing tricks comes in. If you are the type that is using operamini Handler and
you are using a nokia s40 java phone, and you are using a free browsing cheat that will require you
to change your internet profiles before you can use it for free,, then you need a prov file with
your phone.

How can i Create a Prov File ?

We have many ways of creating prov  file ...

1. You can create online , as there are many websites that offer you the ability to create prov
online.  Such as this one :

2. You can create with your phone , There are many applications that can help you do that.  
Such as this one ::   S40 Prov  Creator

3. You can create on your computer and send to phone :   with   Java_proxy_generator.exe

These are the few ways i know of :
So today's  tutorial  is base on creating prov on computer :
To start creating prov file on Your PC you need to download a software called  Java Proxy Generator .
Input the required parameters. E.g  APN, IP, etc : See image below.

After you might have finished, hit  Generate PROV Button , Locate and save your prov file :
Now is time to send your prov file :  But, Before you send your prov file, This are things you need to know ;
For it to work perfectly with your phone, don’t sent it with a usb cable or through mms, you send it via OTA meaning over the air connection e.g, infrared or Bluetooth.  , When a prov file is sent to a Nokias40 phone, it doesn’t get saved in the file manager like other files such as Music and videos.Instead, it appears as a configuration settings the way our local network providers settings would do if we request provisional settings. Activate the new settings, go back once and locate Activate default in all apps. Select it and head to preferred access point settings where you’ll choose the appropriate access point for your default settings.
And you are done :
That was simple :
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