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How To Set Manual GPRS , Wap & Streaming Settings In Nokia S40 Mobiles?

In my previous post you have seen How To Set GPRS Settings In Nokia S60 Mobiles?. This post is exclusively for Nokia S40 users. Till don’t know what is S40, If your mobile is S40 series then you came to the correct article, to set your gprs settings manually.
If you have S60 mobile, click here to know How To Set GPRS Settings In Nokia S60 Mobiles.
If you search for manual GPRS settings in the internet, you will get lot of articles. But all these articles tells about the Access Point Names (APN), IP addresses and Proxy Port Numbers etc., you don’t get even single article that explains HOW TO SET THAT GPRS SETTINGS IN YOUR MOBILE. So here I will explain how to set those Access point names, IP addresses and Proxy Port Numbers on your Nokia S40 mobile.
In general we will see mainly two types of settings for each network wap and internet. And streaming comes under internet only. The basic difference between these three is given below.
WAP SETTINGS - Generally these settings will be useful to browse websites with your mobile default wap browser.(not like operamini)
INTERNET SETTINGS - Generally these settings will be useful for java applications like Operamini, Ucweb etc. which are used to browse websites faster than your mobile default wap browser.
STREAMING SETTINGS – These are used for watching youtube videos and live tv on your mobile.

For example. you want to set GPRS and Wap and Streaming settings manually for AIRTEL network. So for Airtel fallowing are the manual settings.
Account Name or Connection Name: Airtel Live
Access Point Name(APN): airtelfun.com
Proxy IP:
Account Name or Connection Name: Airtel GPRS
Access Point Name(APN): airtelgprs.com
Account Name or Connection Name: Airtel STREAM
Access Point Name(APN): airtelgprs.com
Note: Account Name we can use any name like sachin, software, mobile etc like any name, but choose according to your network. Then you will recognize easily in future.
Fallow The Steps:
You can configure your device with settings that are required for certain services. Your service provider may also send you these settings.
Select Menu > Settings > Configuration > Personal configuration settings.
Personal configuration settings — to manually add new personal accounts for various services and to activate or delete them. To add a new personal account if you have not added any, select Add new; otherwise, select Options > Add new. Select the service type, and select and enter each of the required parameters. The parameters differ according to the selected service type. To delete or activate a personal account, scroll to it, and select Options > Delete or Activate.

That's it!! Save settings and start browsing. HAPPY BROWSING!!!.