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Friday, 12 February 2016

Droid VPN Trick For Airtel Feb 2016

Features Of This Droid VPN:-
1. The Graphical User interface is so simple.
2. The App is cracked and you can use more than 100 mb per day using your free account.
3. There are less disconnection problems in this app.
Requirements to use this trick:-
1. You can use this app without root access if your android version is 4.0+, if your android version is below 4.1 you have to root your device and install tun.ko module to use this app in your device.
2. Airtel Simcard
3. Unblocked Sim.
4. Airtel Internet Settings.
5. Droid VPN Settings.
Note: Download limit is 100mb per day.
Procedure to use this Trick:-
1. First of all activate Airtel Internet Settings in your device.
2. Now goto this link, fill up the particulars and signup a free Droid VPN account, the password of your account will be sent to your email which you used while signing up Droid VPN account.
3. Now Download Cracked Droid VPN By Web Freaks From Here: 
                  Download Droid VPN
4. Install it in your device and then open it.
5. Fill up your login details in it
6. After opening it will display a dialog Box
Check (Mark) I trust this application and click on OK button.
7. Click on top right corner of Droid VPN app and select 
 Protocol to TCP
8. Click on Proxy settings and enable it. Now enter Proxy as Port as 3128
9. Click on HTTP HEADERS and enable it. Now enter HTTP headers as:


10. Now scroll down and uncheck (unmark) Autoconnect VPN when network Option
11. Now click back button, and select any Free Server from Server list and then click on connect button wait for a few seconds until it gets connected.If it doesn’t get connected try 2 to 3 times to connect it.

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