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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Popular Antivirus Flags Facebook As Phishing Site & Windows As Malware

This Antivirus Flags Windows As Malware & Facebook As Phishing Site
We all know how forcefully Microsoft have pushed windows 10 to users. We regularly keep reading about the malware like practices of Microsoft to force Windows updates. The reason why I am talking about this is because recently an Antivirus flags Windows system files as malware.

Webroot not only flagged core Windows files as malicious, it even started to remove some of the legitimate files, trashing user computers around the world. This all happened due to a bad update which was released on April 24. Webroot started marking Windows essential files as W32.Trojan.Gen which is also known as generic malware.
Webroot's AI went full skynet. As final solution it decided there can be no malware if there is no Windows.

The update was pulled after approximately 15 minutes. However, in 15 minutes the update has reached some PCs, causing serious issues for not just single users, but also for organizations and companies which rely on Webroot.
Customers on social media and Webroot’s forum have reported that the software is flagging hundreds of files which are required to run Windows. The bad update even flagged the social networking site Facebook as the phishing website, blocking users from accessing the social network.
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@Webroot You guys REALLY think Facebook falls under the "Phishing And Other Frauds" category?

The company said on its online forum “We are in the process of creating a fix, but in the meantime, small business customers can follow instructions posted in the Webroot Community to address the issue”
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