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Monday, 21 October 2013

Nokia Lumia sales hit a record last quarter

After a bit of rough times it seems things are
finally looking up for Nokia and the Windows
Phone platform in general. According to The Wall
Street Journal, the company managed to sell "at
least eight million" Windows Phone devices
between July and September this year.

On its own, that number hardly seems impressive (Apple sold nine million iPhone 5s/5c combined over the launch weekend). Still, when you compare it with the previous numbers there is definite improvement. For example, Nokia managed to sell 7.4 million devices the quarter before, and last year it sold just 2.9 million devices in the same quarter. Things would be getting even better now, with Nokia on the brink of announcing new Lumia devices during its event tomorrow at Abu Dhabi. Let's see how they do in the next quarter, then.

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