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Sunday, 25 December 2016

10 Linux Distros you Should Know About

Have a look on 10 Linux Distros you should know on the basis of their features and on the basis of their popularity, read their description and start exploring the operating systems today.
Linux is one of the vastly used operating systems for the computer devices because of the features and great control over many functions on this OS. Using up the different distros, one can get the whole changed look and feel of the entire software platform but finding up the real made distros for the Linux could be hard enough because most of the distros that are found are uploaded by just making some custom changes to some popular ones only and hence the users could feel it very difficult to find up the right one for their device. Here in this article, we have listed the 10 Linux distros that the users should know if you also own the Linux device these all will surely help you change the look of your device in real.

10 Linux Distros you Should Know About

Below we had listed all the distros that are the top most in Linux world and their features you should know.

#1 AryaLinux

A base solution for those who want’s to create their own designed Linux but all without much effort. This means that you will install this piece of artwork and then with all the options available you will have to create your own Distro from the scratch. Then after forming up the base Linux you will have to use ALPS (Arya Linux Packaging System) so as to install up the Apps etc.

#2 Qubes OS

This distro takes up the advantage of Xen technology with which it can run up the distro directly on the hardware of the device and control it virtually. The main benefits of using up the Qubes OS is that you can install up the another distro directly inside it only and hence you can easily try up multiple distros on your device before fixing up the one you love the most.

#3 Endless OS

This distro is made with beginners kept in mind and because of that only you will get up many useful Apps and educational videos and a huge collection of useful books. And if you are getting all that in a single one distro package then you should consider this distro and not go for anything else. The design of this distro is also not very bad but feels to be too user-friendly.

#4 GeckoLinux

This distro is a transformed one that has been derived from the open source Distro open SUSE using the great service called SUSE Studio. As the openSUSE is much popular Ubuntu Linux distribution so far but is felt more suitable for business purposes hence the derivative gECKOlINUX was formed that also has amazing similar features.

#5 Void Linux

A Lightweight superfast distribution for the Linux that boots up in seconds and it also does not short in any features etc. This one uses run it instead of system and the LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL and the last very thing is that it uses the default shell i.e Dash, all these features are quite different from all the other distros hence makes it a real gem in this case.

#6 Subgraph OS

This one is a really great distro for Linux as in a case of providing up the security to the files and the whole user data Subgraph excels by featuring disk encryption control, Grsecurity patches and all the network using apps root through the Tor making the whole data transaction much safer.

#7 Nix OS

By using this distro, you can run up the multiple versions of the same Applications or software simultaneously that means you can install more than one copy of the same software on your system. There is a backup feature included in this OS by which you can easily check and revert your whole OS to that very previous state through the backup you have created before.

#8 Guid SD

This is a completely free distribution as approved by the Free Software Foundation and hence you can find this one a great deal as this distro is fully filled with awesome functions and features. You can use the Scheme programming language to configure up the software, packages and the system by your own making it really easy to get the whole things work like you want.

#9 Bedrock Linux

This distro helps combine the power of multiple distros into one single distro and by using it up you can launch up the apps from the other distros simultaneously. It means that you have great control over the other distros on your system and hence you need not put all that ones in one single distro so as to access them.

#10 Maru OS

This one is for Android devices which when installed on them proves to be really beneficial as while using it up the users can connect their devices to the large screen through HDMI and get up the whole desktop version of this OS running on the screen which actually controls your Android device only.
Hence after lots of effort we have managed to list up few of the Linux distributions that we hope you shall also find up really useful. All these distros are not transformed or the edited versions of some very popular distros but are the individual ones that will surprise you all with their features and looks etc. Just go and have a try on these now only and get the whole new look to your Linux device!

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