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Monday, 9 January 2017

How To Get Android N like Features On Any Android

Have a Android N like feature right on your android if your device hasn’t received the latest android update with all new exciting features packed in. Using Xposed module will allow you to get android N feature in your Lollipop and above android device. So follow up the complete guide below to proceed.
If you have recently rooted your android or thinking about rooting it then simply go for it as the tweak we are discussing here will completely change your android experience and make it much more user-friendly. And this will only be done by rooting your android and then installing Xposed installer in it and use a module for getting Android N features.

How To Get Android N like Features on any Android

The method is quite simple and you just need a rooted android device that will allow a Xposed installer to run on a device. And after having the Xposed installer you will be using a Xposed module app to get the cool Android N feature in your mobile. For this follow the guide below.

Steps To Get Android N like Features on any Android:

Step 1. First of all, you need a rooted android as Xposed installer can only be installed on a rooted android, so Root your android to proceed.
Step 2. After rooting your android device you have to install the Xposed installer on your android and that’s quite the lengthy process and for that, you can proceed with the Guide to Install Xposed Installer On Android.
Step 3. Now after installing the Xposed module you need a cool Xposed module that will allow you to completely customize your device with android N features and the module that you will be downloading is Android N-ify.
Step 4.  Now install the app and then in the Xposed module this app and after that, you need to reboot your android device for the proper working of the module in your device.
Now open the app and you will see the app N-ify is broken down into few sections which include Settings, Recent, Status Bar, Header, Apps etc.
You can set each menu according to your wish, You can tweak recent menu in which you will find an option of a Quick switch, Double tap speed and much more. You can set them as per your wish
Android Status bar have a newer look in Android nougat so, in Status bar header menu you can set the option ‘Style header’ to ON and can set the other features according to your wish.
You can also control the Notifications settings for that enable the option ‘Style Notifications’ and toggle the ‘Change Dismiss Button’ to On.
You need to reboot your Android device after making all the changes in the settings panel.
So this is all about to Get Android N Like Features on any Android. Use this cool tweak and you will get the cool feature of android N right on your android device. Hope you like this, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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